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My thoughts do not sync with my voice, I have problems expressing them
I love a lot of things, but I doubt my profession is one of them..
My enthusiasm of life, is like a roller coaster ride.
Sometimes I get very excited, sometimes otherwise.
I don’t really like talking on the phone, I like silent conversations.
I have very short attention span.
I have a lot of blogs. Abandoned to be precise.
I love my family. So much more than I could imagine.
I love my doggy too, he’s apart of the family.
I actually love studying, for the exam. Reading is fun. Sometimes.
I may be messy, but I am a Koniophobic
I am a dreamer, really!
I go to the grocery stores too often.
And I buy things that I don’t eat.
I like playing conversations in my head before saying them out loud.
I think a sense of security is what I need.
I love photography, even though that is not my forte.
I love being a tourist. I can visit a landmark again and again and shoot the landmark a dozen times.
I believe every picture is different and unique.
As I believe I am different!
I am unique.



1. stephentong - August 9, 2008

i click here to see some intro and there’s nothing. you dissapoint me. do you know how many joules or kilojoules of energy is required for me to make a mouseclick. all my calories gone…

next time i come back here you better write some stuff

2. lenesheartsong - August 9, 2008

you need to shed that extra kilojoules anyway! im only doing you a special favor. muahahha

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