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Happy Easter! April 14, 2009

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That was one heck of a holiday!

All started with a great deal of exhaustion and sleepiness… and ended with a greater level of exhaustion and sleepiness.

Had no sleep due to our early flight at 7am which means we had to go to the airport as early as 3am. Got to the coach station to get a coach to the airport but all coaches were fully booked and we didn’t book in advance. Gave me quite a shock and I was brought to full alertness. In the end we had to get a taxi to the airport or miss our flight otherwise.

It was the one and only holiday that I hadn’t plan properly. I booked the tickets, booked the hotel, and that was it. I made no attempt at planning our trip, not checking up places to go and things to do.. It was meant to be random and spontaneous! Haha.. Work has worn me out! The biggest planning I did was buying a travel guide that turned out to be.. rather useless.

But all went well, although we had a bit of problem on a few occasions. The trip was good but three days was too short! Maybe one day I’ll go back for more.  :)

windmill village



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