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The search for the red box April 28, 2009

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I counted the post boxes I saw on the way to training this morning.
Because I wanted to post something desperately..
And there was none around the route I took from our flat to the bus stop!

But as soon as I hopped onto the bus…
We passed by one post box… and another.. then another..!
There were at least 22 of them… when I remembered to count :P
I wanted so much to get off the bus and pop my letter into it
Or get some strangers who were getting off to do me a favour.
For the first time, I actually long for the bright red post box~!

Sigh.. how odd.

Don’t know why I’m speaking gibberish.
Somehow the brain malfunctioned and couldn’t synchronise the thoughts with actions.
It has been like that for the whole day.
It is so drained.
I am so tired.
But I passed my mock exam!!


April 22, 2009

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Everyone’s having a second job lately…
running a kitchen that is!

But it wasn’t as easy to find a day job,
I realised.
Haven’t got too much choices at all.
I might just have to go where the tide takes me.
And then live in isolation for one year, or two, maybe three.

I need to go somewhere where there are beautiful apartments,
and hopefully an occasional cook.

Silent words April 20, 2009

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I, didn’t like the feelings
of being constantly reminded
that you are not mine, or
that you and I do not belong together, or
that you are you and I am me, which means there are no overlappings between us,
or something along that line.

I, didn’t like being slapped in the face,
every so often.
I, didn’t like being so vulnerable.
I wish I could turn a deaf ear,
or have a heart made of stone.
So that every time this happens,
my heart wouldn’t tremble so vigorously.
But I couldn’t help it,
because I care.

I, didn’t like the feelings
of being an outcast.
You, are the person, I never want to loose.
Instead of saying out loud,
I tell myself in silence.

That is me. That is who I am.
You don’t hear me,
because I keep them deep within.
I protested,
I hate us going separate ways.
But I protested in silence.
I feel like a kid, whose toys were taken away from her, and all she did is watch in silence.

Oh how I wish I could speak.

I wish you could hear…these silent words.

Happy Easter! April 14, 2009

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That was one heck of a holiday!

All started with a great deal of exhaustion and sleepiness… and ended with a greater level of exhaustion and sleepiness.

Had no sleep due to our early flight at 7am which means we had to go to the airport as early as 3am. Got to the coach station to get a coach to the airport but all coaches were fully booked and we didn’t book in advance. Gave me quite a shock and I was brought to full alertness. In the end we had to get a taxi to the airport or miss our flight otherwise.

It was the one and only holiday that I hadn’t plan properly. I booked the tickets, booked the hotel, and that was it. I made no attempt at planning our trip, not checking up places to go and things to do.. It was meant to be random and spontaneous! Haha.. Work has worn me out! The biggest planning I did was buying a travel guide that turned out to be.. rather useless.

But all went well, although we had a bit of problem on a few occasions. The trip was good but three days was too short! Maybe one day I’ll go back for more.  :)

windmill village

updates… April 6, 2009

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Once again, life has come to a point when it has to start all over again.
And the unknown, is kind of scary.
Not knowing where you will be, what you will get,
Or how you will live!
Just not my kind of thing…

Living in the middle of job-hunting + working + evidence recording + studying + a messy room – I wonder which word I could use to pin-point my feelings…

I am so so so tired!
I hope the sunny days will help generate more vitamin H!
H for happiness.