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Why on earth did I choose Pharmacy December 30, 2008

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i got told off for being absent from work.
due to sickness.
now i know, you’re supposed to go to work if you’re not going to die.
there is no ‘sick’ in a pharmacist’s dictionary.
it is a crap life.
that’s what i feel.
a crap job.


December 20, 2008

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i accidentally ‘flushed’ my contacts down the sink, again.
it then saved me from the hassle of soaking them in the solution.
is this called optimism?

today one customer called me ‘petals’.
i think that was very sweet.
so i promised him that i’ll get some branded atorvastatin for him next time as we haven’t got any today.
and certainly not PI.

the good thing about working in a small shop, now i can see.
you got to know most of your customers.
at some point, they become a bit like family.

watched ‘twilight’.
reviews weren’t good, it turned out.
maybe there are always something wrong with the plot.
reviews said so. i don’t really care.
but I kinda like it.
it’s probably the romance.
even though it seemed unrealistic.
but that is the kind of romance we want to watch.
i think..
and i think it was also very sweet.

*also loves the part where edward plays the piano*
it always works!
like, stealing my heart. :P

December 15, 2008

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weekend came and went. too fast.
happy things lasted as long as fireworks would glow.
if only i could savor it a little longer.
but then it went all dark.
reality hit me so hard in the face.
i feel so helpless. powerless.
drowning, and losing my way.
there are a million whys
and suffocation is overwhelming
indulging in self-pity is probably my kind of luxury
who are friends and who are foes
what is good and what is bad
i barely know
all i am asking for, isn’t too much.
just someone to walk with me
and tell me it is okay