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Lost and found October 25, 2008

Posted by lenesheartsong in Uncategorized.

When you lost something, you lost it. No matter how hard you try to find it.
When you buy something new to replace it. It turns up immediately.
Like it’s trying to tell you “NO YOU’RE NOT GOING TO REPLACE ME”

Life is cruel, it makes you spend the money you don’t even have to.


And finally, voila! A weekend with no plans!
Time to lie in for as long as I want. That is what I call rest.
Will make sure I’m confined to our home all day tomorrow. :)



1. MH - October 25, 2008

if no plans come visit me la.. say so long liao but haven’t come..

2. John Ting - October 25, 2008

hope u will be able to calm and rest for a while. despite has to work almost everyday, we still made ourselves busy with our own plans and activities throughout the weekend.

3. ee wan - November 29, 2008

Yes! You’re right. SOmetimes we need to spend extra for no reason. I hate that part. It’s vry frustrating. The other day the price of a canon camera which we wanted to buy was 119 pounds but they did not hv silver colour. SO, we went this week and then the price shot up to it’s original 139 pounds. Very not good. 20 pounds lost just like that. We’ve been eyeing that camera for almost a month.. so, we just bought it in the end! *SOBS* YOu really very busy these days hor? Take a break once in a while OK? HUgz! Ee wan

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