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” rin ding ding din, prem prem …bret brot brin brong …, pwwwwwwwwwt ” October 5, 2008

Posted by lenesheartsong in Uncategorized.

A friend just made my day, blogging about the crazy frog.
Have never really watched that video clip.
My impression towards it is just ‘faint’.
The only thing I know is, all those advertisements on the left or right side of the websites drive me crazy every time that frog sings out loud.
It is just darn annoying and noisy when I tried to browse the internet in peace.

But for a change, I watched the whole video posted on the blog.
And it caught me.

Probably it’s due to my friend’s added subtitle that makes it more funny.
” rin ding ding din, prem prem …bret brot brin brong …, pwwwwwwwwwt ”
You can lip sync while the frog sings.



1. stephentong - October 13, 2008

ahaha. you are converted. now i have another crazy frog follower. that frog …its annoying but somehow its mesmerizing… somehow.

maybe its the imaginary bike, or the oversized mouth, or the uneven eye pupil iris thingy

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