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Ah Beng and Ah Lian September 28, 2008

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Bored of Ah Beng and Ah Lian’s jokes?
Here is a new one.
At least I haven’t seen it before.

Ah Lian called big brother Ah Beng over the telephone.

Lian: “Ah Beng kor, I can’t get my new jig saw puzzle fixed, mah-chiam all the edges cannot fix together, lah.”
Beng: “Jig saw puzzle si mi picture, ha?”
Lian: “The box show a big rooster, kanna like the one in talkingcock.com.”
Beng: “Okay, lah, okay, lah. I come over to tor-long lu, lah.”

Ah Beng arrives at Ah Lian’s place, where she happily leads him to the kitchen table where the jigsaw puzzle is.
Ah Beng examines the puzzle and says, “Si ghee na, si bay gong, put back the corn flakes into the box, lah.”



1. John Ting - September 30, 2008

i dont understand a bit at all. blek blek blek….just to disturb ur blog….cos i m so stressed and frustrated at the moment. sigh….

2. stephentong - October 2, 2008

hhhahaaha, nice one.jigsaw thingy. this is the first ah beng joke with western theme setting (cornflake)

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