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Honey, you did not blow up the shop. September 10, 2008

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Being inexperience in closing up, I was handed over the responsibility just like that, because some of those who were supposed to do it were not around and the one who was, wanted to go off exactly at closing time. Me, and the locum had to stay back to receive a delivery which was late. The locum, being a locum, does not take the key. So me, being me, the KULI, have to do it. It was yesterday, anyway.

And then we were ready to go.

Locum: I’m leaving the lights on.

Me: OK.

Then I activated the alarm system and ran out quickly. I have also switched off the lights.

Locum: I said leave the lights on!

Uh oh. I thought he was leaving them on so I can see.

I turned back and tried to find THAT switch and it was pitch black. I couldn’t see a thing. Well, the lights were off, weren’t they?

Then… I accidentally turned on something. But it was still dark.

Me: I couldn’t find that switch. I couldn’t find it!

Locum: Just come out quickly. Quickly!

(The alarm was beeping all this while, which contributed to my nervousness.)

We closed the shop successfully and said goodbye.

God knew what I did. The locum didn’t.

Because I kept quiet.

I was scared.

And I did enough stupid things for the day.

So yeah, I kept quiet.

(I didn’t turned off that switched that I turned on, and I have no idea what was switched on.)

I was quite worried and I called up a friend and told her about it.

When I got home I was still worried and I wanted to talk about it.

God knows what I switched on!

What if the shop blew up in the middle of the night?

What if I turned on the heater and it got so hot that it sparked a fire and burnt down the shop?

All funny things playing in my head.

But something struck me.

I’d better not be leaving evidence behind. My confession would be the most powerful evidence against me.

If something happens the police would be coming for me.

I don’t want to dig my own grave now.

And I’ve already told a friend. One is enough.

I better shut up. ;)

**I have no choice but to go to bed with that fear and leave everything in God’s hands.**

So this morning I was to open up.


Nothing happened.

The counter lights were shining brightly though.




1. John Ting - September 10, 2008

haha funny of u. so u even hv ur colleague phone no. i dun even hv their phone no or anyway to contact them.

2. lenesheartsong - September 10, 2008

I don’t have their number la. Don’t bother.

3. John Ting - September 11, 2008

i cant view the pic ler.

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