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This is a happy post! September 8, 2008

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Today was a beautiful day, because my tutor was away.
For four days it will be, and everybody shouted out with glee.
I hope she never comes back again, because she is such a pain.
Please, do us a favour. Please, keep us sane.

And don’t ever, ever come back.
Please retire.


When my tutor wasn’t around, it was the best working environment, the happiest moment since I started work.
Everybody was just so relaxed. It was so pleasant.
And without knowing it, it was time to go home! See!


Anyway, some smart ass decided to post a thread on the company intranet.
He asked how did everyone find their pre-reg?

As I expected, no one reply to his post.
My dear, who would have the nerve to stand up and say how badly their pre-reg is going?
Now, now, I know what you are trying to say.
“What makes me know that it is not GREAT?”
Well I just know.
And saying it is great is a great big enormous LIE.
Except maybe.. for a few of them.
I said a few. ;)

So well..
Guys, your tutors are watching…
Better be careful about what you say…
Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. :)



1. John Ting - September 8, 2008

oh, your tutor is going away for a week, is it? My tutor was away for 2 weeks last time, and to be honest, it surely gave me a better feeling and environment because i felt less pressure. So far, there are two locum pharmacists worked at the greens pharmacy during my presence, one of them is old man who can retire oledi while the other one is gradaute from sunderland uni as well and he is only a year ahead of us. Maybe some of our seniors know him.

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