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What I learn at work September 3, 2008

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Tutor not setting a good example but I’m in no position nor in my right mind to point out.
And when I made a mistake it needed to be recorded.
When they made a mistake, they just waved it off.
Best thing to do? Just shut up?

It is true that the ones at a lower position would never be heard by the ones with higher positions. Same as the less experienced will always be told off by the more experienced. As if they are absolutely right, but you know, accidents do happen. All the time.

Working life is ugly. And human nature is ugly. To be precise, you see a lot of two-faced. If you’re lucky, you can wriggle through these unscathed. If you’re firm enough, you can avoid taking sides. (I’m beginning to take sides by the way.)

Anyway, I’ve been so so tired. Worked half day today and I spent my afternoon watching a movie and snoozing off. When I woke up it was time for the others to come home. I ate my dinner at 9-ish and it’s 11pm now I haven’t done anything that I’m supposed to do. No study done. No reading up. No evidence. Nothing. And it is time to sleep. I just don’t know where has time slipped away.

Also when Amazon was being amazingly amazing. City-link was a complete opposite. My parcel didn’t come as promised.


They say, what happened once may not happen again. But what happened twice will happen thrice!



1. johntmh - September 3, 2008

cheer up

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