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Amazing Amazon August 30, 2008

Posted by lenesheartsong in Uncategorized.

Two thumbs up for Amazon.co.uk
I made my purchase last night and when I checked my mail today it says the item has been dispatched. So it means I can expect it to come tomorrow, if not next monday.

And I had not chosen a super delivery or a first class. It is in fact a super saver delivery which is free but would take a couple more days to arrive than first class. I was advised that estimated delivery would be around 4th-10th Sept.

Amazon never failed me! :)



1. stephentong - August 30, 2008

too bad they dont sell indonesian maid on amazon or else i can buy one.

2. John Ting - August 30, 2008

why wan to buy indonsian maid. buy chinese one la

3. lenesheartsong - August 30, 2008

cheaper ma…

4. John Ting - August 30, 2008

when buying for maid, this is for lifetime one…expensive also nvm

5. lenesheartsong - August 30, 2008

can fire her anytime u want ler…nowadays nothing is lifetime one lor hahahaha

6. johntmh - August 31, 2008

the thing that really bother me about wordpress is that we cant leave a msg in chatterbox.

7. johntmh - August 31, 2008

looks like u had change the header image.

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