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Random thoughts August 28, 2008

Posted by lenesheartsong in Uncategorized.

I’ve started waking up later and later, ever since I learned my way a little better.
I’m just so reluctant to get up these days!
Bad habits die hard.
I’m not quite afraid of being late, because there is always a train coming every few minutes ;)
There’s no such thing as missing a 8.00am train and the next train is 8.30am. That will never happen here.

I feel happier this week.
I think it’s because my dispenser was on holidays.
I took over her bench, and also took over her job.
Hehehe and it has been busy, but I’m happy.
I think I love dispensing.
Maybe I should have been a dispenser instead.

I look forward towards coming home after a long day.
It is nice to have company at home.
But I also enjoy being alone.
The quietude is a luxury. Really.
Maybe I’m that kind of people who needed that “space”.
I wonder how many people actually feels the same.

I also tend to day-dream on my way home.
And I almost missed my station quite a number of times.
Almost! For goodness’ sake.
But I “woke up” in a startle every time and realised I have to get down the next stop.

And now, it is friday, and I’m so looking forward to 6.30pm. :)



1. Huimin - August 29, 2008

Hey… I thought that it will be lonely staying alone in Summerhill, but it’s not, I actually enjoy it! Must be siao dy…haha

2. lenesheartsong - August 30, 2008

independent new age woman! hehehe

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