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I am a professional shopkeeper! August 21, 2008

Posted by lenesheartsong in Uncategorized.

Jeez I hate women!!!

I am so furious with my tutor.
She made me feel like a shop keeper rather than a pre-reg.
All she let me do was non-related stuff.
That’s where all my responsibilities lie.
“You will be responsible for this, you will be responsible for that.”

Just tell me which are the things I will not be responsible for?
If I’ve got to do every man’s work, how come I don’t get every man’s pay?

I thought one of the competencies that we needed to achieve was delegating task appropriately.
Indeed I have learned the most about that, because those jobs are all delegated to me.

I was promised an hour for study time each day.
Fine, if I wasn’t taught about anything at least I can study in that hour.
But my precious hour was always used up to do other things for her.
And it was not replaced!!

It is a hell of a job.
You just can’t blame me for counting the weeks. Maybe even days. :(



1. john - August 27, 2008

time passes very fast….no need to worry…eventually everything will be over

2. stephentong - August 28, 2008

well, maybe she will give you more responsibility maybe not in the future, just hope she will.

reality : pre-reg is being ordered around like ”office-boy” doing all related and UNrelated chores and duties for 52 weeks. its like how junior pengawas being bullied by senior pengawas before you take their place.

i feel like that in my last placement but its okay, i am awaiting my 52 week. sigh. life is paloi lah, i hope you’re okay there in london. gambate, stay strong.

3. lenesheartsong - August 31, 2008

yeah..office girl i am. keke

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