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Routines August 17, 2008

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Welcome, week 3!

I dunno how long am I going to do this, counting week after week. :P
Just can’t help it! It’s becoming a routine.

And other routines include cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning…
There are too many chores to do besides work + study.
I’m so fed up with ironing already and I couldn’t stop my fingers from clicking the BUY button for a garment steamer. Hahahaha.

I’m also fed up with cooking but realised that ready made meals are a torture to my stomach. It’s far from okay, not to mention tasty. So I have no choice here!

And I’m now more broke than ever after paying for the rent, air tickets, continuous bills and all the other stuff that you just cannot don’t pay for it.

Weekends come too slow and go too fast. So here goes my anticipation for friday to come again. It is going to be a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnng week!



1. Huimin - August 19, 2008

yup…the air ticket already half our salary :) my first month also very pokkai

2. johntmh - August 20, 2008

i found ur new template takes quite a time to load

3. lenesheartsong - August 20, 2008

it doesn’t matter la

4. lenesheartsong - August 20, 2008

huimin why ur blog can’t be accessed?

5. Huimin - August 21, 2008

oh…haha…ok i;ve changed the link…the new link is huimin062008.blogspot.com

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