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2nd best – is just not significant enough August 17, 2008

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Just watched the Olympics finals of badminton men singles.
A fairly quick match that only lasted 39 mins!
And no doubt a broken dream for the Malaysians who hope to win the first Olympic gold (and me of course).

Lee lost 0-2 to China while a lot of us were hoping that he could at least achieve something like 1-2, at least losing only after an exhausting 2 hrs match.
At least that would make it look better right?

One headline says: “China’s Lin easily wins men’s gold”
This was definitely an easy game for him. Too easy.
It was supposed to be a match between champions.

These days, nobody recognizes the second best. All eyes are set on the gold medalists only.

So try harder next time!

Not our champion but a world champion nevertheless.

Not our champion but a world champion nevertheless.

Malaysia's Hope

Malaysia's Hope



1. johntmh - August 17, 2008

nice blog template u hv

2. Huimin - August 17, 2008

hey how u watch it online? I wanted to watch online so badly ler…but couldnt find the website.

3. lenesheartsong - August 17, 2008

watch from bbc.co.uk :)

can watch from the china website also but need to install some plugin i think. but got prob with my laptop so i just watch from bbc

4. stephentong - August 24, 2008

yealoh, cilaka lindan (zero) beat our lee chong wei , now he sure emo lah, get silver nia

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