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WordPress dummy or dummy wordpress? August 10, 2008

Posted by lenesheartsong in Uncategorized.

So annoyed with wordpress. GAHHHHH.

Just couldn’t get things right. >:

Can someone tell me whether purchasing the CSS upgrade is going to help at all?



1. johntmh - August 10, 2008

wah u really going to purchase it kah. what exactly is ur problem?

2. lenesheartsong - August 10, 2008

no. actually i also dunno what is it. dunno it will help with the writing or not? just wanna write freely, like i can space as much as i want and change the font and size and everything like what blogspot or xanga or whatever allows you to.

3. Douglas - August 11, 2008

You can actually do all that using HTML and/or the visual text editor in WordPress.com. It’s free and there is no need to purchase the CSS upgrade to do any of that.

This article might help you out:

Hopefully that solves your problem! If not, just click “Support” in the upper right and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

WordPress.com Support

4. MH - August 12, 2008

hey..don purchase it first…maybe i can help you..the html codes all those…trust me…

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