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Tomb of the Dragon Emperor August 10, 2008

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THE MUMMY was supposed to be a great movie but it was a disappointment!!

Been anticipating all along but it turned out to be something you react by “okayyyyy……..is that all? huh? huh??”

Maybe I have higher expectations, or what?

Spend a fortune watching it at Odeon @ Leicester Square and the money just went down the drain. Lols. Watching it here means you can at least bring another 2 friends with you if you watch in the north. So.. yeah. You get me. Haha.



1. MH - August 11, 2008

well..it tells you not to watch it at the cinemas… lol..

2. celyn - August 11, 2008

hey babes. yeah, sorry i’ve been MIA. i heard the mummy was bad from tammy too. i watched dark knight over the weekend. felt it was more of the joker film than a batman film, simply because heath ledger’s performance was so good. :D dun expect him to be good-looking though. wall-e i heard is sweet.
i’m waiting patiently by tom. ;)

how’s work?
your room still look much better than mine btw.
i am sooooooooo tired.
when exactly are we supposed to get used to this?
man, i want to retire dy.

3. lenesheartsong - August 12, 2008

my room looks much better than urs at THAT TINY MOMENT. HAHAHAH. I’ve been making a mental note to myself that i should really clean my room tomorrow since its a half day. sigh. i wanna retire too…………………………….man i so want to go home FOR GOOD.

(at least don’t have to go to work in the rain, got car ahahah) (kesiannya)

4. Huimin - August 13, 2008

really not nice?

5. lenesheartsong - August 13, 2008

ok lar but i expect more mar hahaha..since the publicity is already so great

6. johntmh - August 13, 2008

i had watched all the summer movies except hell boy 2 and mama mia. wall e is fine and have a good ending. batman 2 dark knight more to heath ledger’s performance and made it so successful which still hit the market as no1. mummy 3 is very disappointing as the story and the actions werent as expected from the trailer. journey to center of earth also too short…not really worth. hancock, hmm i dont really know what is the point of the story. kungfu panda is really good as well.
therefore, i only like kungfu panda and dark knight at the moment.

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