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Awful 1st week. 51 more to come. August 9, 2008

Posted by lenesheartsong in Uncategorized.

So glad that the week was over and I don’t have to work this saturday! (but will need to work one saturday every month)

That makes 51 weeks left of my placement. I’m really counting. Sigh. Couldn’t wait for it to be over. I’ve just survived week 1 and it was not pleasant at all. I hate this job!!! I know it’s still too early to say that ‘cos I don’t know what will follow after that. But it was bad enough to have a bad start, which put off all my enthusiasm (like I have any at all :P ).

I keep thinking back about my previous summer placement and it makes me miss everything and everyone so much.

  • It was 100x better and was a lot of fun.
  • There was also a lot of freedom, that was a plusss!
  • I didn’t have to do anything that is not field-related.
  • No crappy tasks at all and lots of study time.
  • Staffs were real sweeties and supportive.
  • Tutor was cute!

It was heaven!

Now I’m in hell. :(

Too much to complain…just dunno where to begin. Life is hard!



1. John Ting - August 9, 2008

Life is hard….dont give up yet. This morning I called back home Malaysia and told them how is my job here. I told them I stand the whole day and is very tiring. My feet or my leg cant support me much longer. So, now only they realised and want me to go back to Malaysia. But it’s too late. So, they asking me to go back after Pre-reg.

2. stephentong - August 9, 2008

hard? nothing is harder than arnold schwarzenaggers muscles or …..wait i am out of topic here.

i am also having a hard time waiting for my pre-reg to start.

seems like the same experience for me. my tutor last summer placement is hot. her name is helen. dayyyum!

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