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The last day of the current phase August 3, 2008

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Tomorrow will surely be a life-changing moment. No kidding. Daddy’s little girl is working finally! A whole new experience.

Tomorrow is the “BIG” first day.

They all asked if I’m thrilled, if I’m excited?

But no…!! Working is not fun anymore now that you really have no choice but to work. It was thought to be fun only when you were studying and you got sick of it then you say, ooooo how nice if I could work right now.

Now, working is a lifetime commitment. Whether I like it or not, 9-6 is my new best friend!

Oh by the way, I have been looking at the calendar for holidays, thinking of how to spend the holidays, when should I take my holidays, where should I go, etc. I guess this is just what employees do and get enthusiastic about!!
…and I haven’t even started work at all… hahaha

Anyway, I’ll show you guys my room. Quite small.. it’s not as spacious as the rooms I had previously. Maybe those sizes are only available in Sunderland. :P But I’m trying to make it as cosy as possible. There are still many boxes lying around and I’m unable to unpack them because otherwise I have to stuff them into my housemates’ rooms! :D

my twinkle star ornament

my twinkle star ornament

hang bear!

hangman bear!

phone holder

phone holder



1. MH - August 3, 2008

hangman bear? that one not reindeer meh?

2. john - August 4, 2008

poor little girl

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