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A day out by myself August 2, 2008

Posted by lenesheartsong in Uncategorized.

was all by myself in the city today
need to do some last minute shopping
it felt kind of weird though, walking alone
i was reluctant and feeling out of place
i walked along oxford street but found nothing that i was looking for
while i could always find those stuffs in little sunderland

went into m&s to buy something
did not know that plastic bags in london are not free of charge
i asked the lady for one when she didn’t give me one after i’ve paid
she looked at me, a bit bewildered, and told me it will cost 5p
so i began to dig in my bag for 5p
but later she said, leave it
well… okay

i’ve never paid for plastic bags from m&s sunderland so i don’t know anything
so i had a bit of “lesson of the day”

anyway as i walked further, i spotted this sushi bento shop called wasabi
thought it was quite cool
just like the sushi from isetan
some sold at 2 for £1.00, some were 2 for £1.50
and i bought some home for dinner :)

my dinner! hehe

my dinner! hehe

but it wasn’t that nice. isetan’s much nicer.
makes me miss st sushi…
kfc is also nicer, hehe :P



1. john - August 2, 2008

next time go buy what u like….need anything ask me…hehe

2. MH - August 3, 2008

u mean 2 box for 2 pcs?

3. MH - August 3, 2008

*** 2 box or 2 pcs?

4. lenesheartsong - August 3, 2008

2 pieces lah….

5. MH - August 3, 2008

cheh i thought so cheap 2 box 1 pound or 1.50 pound. then that meal will surely cost you 10 pounds like that.

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