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Be a Londoner August 31, 2008

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The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz

I went for “The Wizard of Oz” musicals during the weekend and I absolutely love Dorothy’s doggy! I think it’s a maltese. I googled for it and realised its name is actually Toto! Hmmm…. weird name right?

The orchestra was playing in front of the stage. This time I can see them. In sunderland, I just couldn’t see the orchestra playing I thought there was none. I was spending half of my attention on the orchestra (gotta stop looking at the man who was playing the cello)! I dreamt to be a part of an orchestra but apparently a dream will always be a dream. :)

I also found a new place to sit back and relax and just admire the beauty of the city, especially at night!

I’ve got an endless list of things to do and places to go and all of them have got nothing to do with pharmacy! A lifetime is too short. Hehehe now I’m complaining.


Amazing Amazon August 30, 2008

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Two thumbs up for Amazon.co.uk
I made my purchase last night and when I checked my mail today it says the item has been dispatched. So it means I can expect it to come tomorrow, if not next monday.

And I had not chosen a super delivery or a first class. It is in fact a super saver delivery which is free but would take a couple more days to arrive than first class. I was advised that estimated delivery would be around 4th-10th Sept.

Amazon never failed me! :)

Random thoughts August 28, 2008

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I’ve started waking up later and later, ever since I learned my way a little better.
I’m just so reluctant to get up these days!
Bad habits die hard.
I’m not quite afraid of being late, because there is always a train coming every few minutes ;)
There’s no such thing as missing a 8.00am train and the next train is 8.30am. That will never happen here.

I feel happier this week.
I think it’s because my dispenser was on holidays.
I took over her bench, and also took over her job.
Hehehe and it has been busy, but I’m happy.
I think I love dispensing.
Maybe I should have been a dispenser instead.

I look forward towards coming home after a long day.
It is nice to have company at home.
But I also enjoy being alone.
The quietude is a luxury. Really.
Maybe I’m that kind of people who needed that “space”.
I wonder how many people actually feels the same.

I also tend to day-dream on my way home.
And I almost missed my station quite a number of times.
Almost! For goodness’ sake.
But I “woke up” in a startle every time and realised I have to get down the next stop.

And now, it is friday, and I’m so looking forward to 6.30pm. :)

I am a professional shopkeeper! August 21, 2008

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Jeez I hate women!!!

I am so furious with my tutor.
She made me feel like a shop keeper rather than a pre-reg.
All she let me do was non-related stuff.
That’s where all my responsibilities lie.
“You will be responsible for this, you will be responsible for that.”

Just tell me which are the things I will not be responsible for?
If I’ve got to do every man’s work, how come I don’t get every man’s pay?

I thought one of the competencies that we needed to achieve was delegating task appropriately.
Indeed I have learned the most about that, because those jobs are all delegated to me.

I was promised an hour for study time each day.
Fine, if I wasn’t taught about anything at least I can study in that hour.
But my precious hour was always used up to do other things for her.
And it was not replaced!!

It is a hell of a job.
You just can’t blame me for counting the weeks. Maybe even days. :(

Routines August 17, 2008

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Welcome, week 3!

I dunno how long am I going to do this, counting week after week. :P
Just can’t help it! It’s becoming a routine.

And other routines include cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning…
There are too many chores to do besides work + study.
I’m so fed up with ironing already and I couldn’t stop my fingers from clicking the BUY button for a garment steamer. Hahahaha.

I’m also fed up with cooking but realised that ready made meals are a torture to my stomach. It’s far from okay, not to mention tasty. So I have no choice here!

And I’m now more broke than ever after paying for the rent, air tickets, continuous bills and all the other stuff that you just cannot don’t pay for it.

Weekends come too slow and go too fast. So here goes my anticipation for friday to come again. It is going to be a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnng week!

2nd best – is just not significant enough August 17, 2008

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Just watched the Olympics finals of badminton men singles.
A fairly quick match that only lasted 39 mins!
And no doubt a broken dream for the Malaysians who hope to win the first Olympic gold (and me of course).

Lee lost 0-2 to China while a lot of us were hoping that he could at least achieve something like 1-2, at least losing only after an exhausting 2 hrs match.
At least that would make it look better right?

One headline says: “China’s Lin easily wins men’s gold”
This was definitely an easy game for him. Too easy.
It was supposed to be a match between champions.

These days, nobody recognizes the second best. All eyes are set on the gold medalists only.

So try harder next time!

Not our champion but a world champion nevertheless.

Not our champion but a world champion nevertheless.

Malaysia's Hope

Malaysia's Hope

here, there and everywhere August 15, 2008

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i have learned that perfection does not exist
but i’m still trying to find that perfect blog

it is frustrating that what wordpress has, blogger does not
and what blogger has, xanga does not
and it goes on

so i’ve been blogging here for a while
and there for a while
i really want to re-unite my posts “under one roof”
under the perfect roof
that probably doesn’t exist.

Tomb of the Dragon Emperor August 10, 2008

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THE MUMMY was supposed to be a great movie but it was a disappointment!!

Been anticipating all along but it turned out to be something you react by “okayyyyy……..is that all? huh? huh??”

Maybe I have higher expectations, or what?

Spend a fortune watching it at Odeon @ Leicester Square and the money just went down the drain. Lols. Watching it here means you can at least bring another 2 friends with you if you watch in the north. So.. yeah. You get me. Haha.

WordPress dummy or dummy wordpress? August 10, 2008

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So annoyed with wordpress. GAHHHHH.

Just couldn’t get things right. >:

Can someone tell me whether purchasing the CSS upgrade is going to help at all?

Let the games Beijing!! August 9, 2008

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Went to china town for dinner after finishing work on friday. We spotted this banner that says, “Chinatown wishes a successful Beijing Olympic 2008”. Apparently there was some kind of celebrations earlier and a big screen was also set up in Trafalgar Sq to broadcast the opening ceremony live. Missed it cause everybody was working!!

Can you see the smiley?

Let the games Beijing!