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London-ing July 31, 2008

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The week is almost gone. Even though it is just the beginning of THURSDAY it feels as if I’m skipping the weekend and moving on to MONDAY. Where I will be over with my student days. Full stop.

It will surely take me quite a while to get accustomed to the working life. Meaning no blogging at this hour! For now, I am just a tourist spending a week in London. BUT tourists get to go back to where they came from while I can’t.

Been loitering around the city. I even went to the zoo to visit the gorillas. :P

Actually it’s not very impressive la.. the zoo is too small. All the creatures are quite small too. The komodo dragon was very disappointing ‘cos it was so small! I had imagined it to be like something you watch in Anaconda II. Hey, size does matter!!! Should have gotten a bigger one from the Indonesian island. :D

For the rest of the time, I was busy unpacking my stuffs and cleaning the room.. preparing it to be comfortable enough to be inhabited by me. There was so much shopping to do as well. Since I didn’t bring all those stuffs that I would need and thus I have to buy new ones again..sigh. *broke*

Gonna be all alone by tomorrow. Well, almost! I know everybody had their turn so now it’s mine! It’s just one of those things that you have to go through being a grown up isn’t it.



1. MH - July 31, 2008

is the gorilla sleeping? why u din wait 4 me 1…

2. lenesheartsong - July 31, 2008


aiyer..i help you filter first. next time u dont have to go there cos nothing much to see. lols

3. MH - August 1, 2008

haiya i want to see gorilla… and penguin… no need to help me filter… ;p.. btw i want to go to the aquarium.. i’ve never been into any before…but it’s probably very expensive right…

4. lenesheartsong - August 1, 2008

sorry TOY shop. lols good job spotting it. aquarium is around 13+. there’s another wild life zoo in london also

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