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My first visit to HAMLEYS toy shop July 31, 2008

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image from thelondontravelor.com

Hamleys at Regent st

Huge paddington bear

so cuddlyyy

lego robot

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Dumbledore's army wand set for 124.99 pounds!!!

Dumbledore's army wand set for 124.99 pounds!!!

The sorting hat

the sorting hat..now which house would you place me in?

Harry Potter's glasses

Harry Potter's glasses

Quidditch anyone?

quidditch anyone?


London-ing July 31, 2008

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The week is almost gone. Even though it is just the beginning of THURSDAY it feels as if I’m skipping the weekend and moving on to MONDAY. Where I will be over with my student days. Full stop.

It will surely take me quite a while to get accustomed to the working life. Meaning no blogging at this hour! For now, I am just a tourist spending a week in London. BUT tourists get to go back to where they came from while I can’t.

Been loitering around the city. I even went to the zoo to visit the gorillas. :P

Actually it’s not very impressive la.. the zoo is too small. All the creatures are quite small too. The komodo dragon was very disappointing ‘cos it was so small! I had imagined it to be like something you watch in Anaconda II. Hey, size does matter!!! Should have gotten a bigger one from the Indonesian island. :D

For the rest of the time, I was busy unpacking my stuffs and cleaning the room.. preparing it to be comfortable enough to be inhabited by me. There was so much shopping to do as well. Since I didn’t bring all those stuffs that I would need and thus I have to buy new ones again..sigh. *broke*

Gonna be all alone by tomorrow. Well, almost! I know everybody had their turn so now it’s mine! It’s just one of those things that you have to go through being a grown up isn’t it.

Departure July 25, 2008

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This is finally my last night in Sunderland. As the sun rises tomorrow, I’ll be lugging my bags and hopping onto the train towards the south.

Not ready to leave yet.

And I have not packed everything yet. Even though I know I am leaving in how many hours’ time! Just gonna leave everything for tomorrow. Last minute stuffs.

But if I was given another week, I would still say the same thing on the very last night. I have not packed all my stuffs yet.

Right, leave everything for tomorrow now. I have too much rubbish to clear.

Almost there July 22, 2008

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It has been a while.

After the Italy trip, graduation, Paris trip, we came back to London and two days later, I was seeing my mum and sis off. Three weeks seemed to be rather long but it turned out too short after all. I was feeling all empty inside when they left. Parting has always been difficult. No matter after how many times. It was yet another adaptation. :(

I am back in Sunderland once more and this time I need to pack my stuffs to be moved to London in a couple days. 4 to be exact! Guess this is really goodbye. To those who stay and the place that have been my second home for 4 long years. Gee…I’ve bid too many farewells in this few weeks. Even though many (including me) have always thought this place is so crappy and can’t wait to leave, it is in fact quite sad to be leaving. Well, it’s good to say that I’m no rolling stone!

Anyway I was in Newcastle and saw this bunch of colourful hibiscus. Thought they were lovely. :) Very summery. :)

Loveeeeeeeeee summerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

vibrant flowers