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A lil bit of this and that June 24, 2008

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Right now, life is all about knighthood and dramas and packing..
there’s really nothing much to do but the clock goes tick tock tick tock.. and i’m actually running out of time before i knew

packing up takes forever because there’s so much to clean
the coats and jackets that have been hanging in the closet since…
shoes and suede boots that have been lying around for so long to allow them to accommodate an inch thick of dust..eww..
suede boots are so hard to clean!
basically, there’s more cleaning to do than packing.
imagine, you need to clean every corner and every inch of the room.
tough job!
because i wipe off dust from all the surfaces before i touch anything
even though i’m not much of a tidy person
i’m quite particular about the “cleanliness”
a little bit of koniophobic i am.
untidy but clean?
it just doesn’t sound right, right?

yes, summer is also a season for throwing things away.
trying hard to find stuffs to be donated
and also those you’d just want to chuck into the bins without second thought
but sometimes some things have been stuck with me for a while
and i’m beginning to feel so “sayang” if i’m to throw/give it away
even if they’re useless
which makes throwing away seems a little hard
instead of throwing i’m collecting pula.

and i’ve finally realised
that i’ve spent a lot of money on things i don’t use, clothes i don’t wear.
actually i’ve realised this for a dozen times already
it’s just that i never learn. NEVER. sigh.
quote from dad: it is gold when it is in the shop. it is rubbish when it comes home with you.
you’re so right dad.
you’re still the one who knows me best. :D



1. Huimin - June 25, 2008

haha…you’re not alone…
Same habit that I have. :)

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