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Greetings from Rome June 29, 2008

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Have just arrived in Rome a moment ago. Will have a good rest tonight and hope tomorrow is exciting. But I forgot about my rome travel guide! Everything except this. I hope I know my ways for the next three days without it.

The airport changed. Much much better now. And modern. But the guy behind the immigression counter was less than friendly which made me feels a tad unwelcomed. The Terravision bus shuttle from airport to Termini is only 5+ euros one way which is much cheaper compared to a few years ago, which is very nice indeed. Better deal than taking the cab if you stay near Termini.

The B&B we’re staying is good. Comfortable. Looks like what we normally have as our own bedroom, ensuite. The room even has its own pc and there’s internet connection. There’s a coffee machine outside so you can make yourself a cup of coffee anytime. Food on the shelf on the corridor is free to take plus other drink making facilities. Milk, juices and yogurt are all free and you don’t have to wash a single cup. Not bad right? The best I’ve stayed at so far. :)

How has Rome changed? That, I’m yet to find out soon…


A tiny midnight incident June 25, 2008

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I was playing BJ in facebook and was told by someone to LEAVE, GO, and LOSE!

Because he was winning until I came.. according to his statement.
So I made him lost then?
Big deal, I’ll go.
But that is just bloody rude.
If he wished for me to leave, he can say it politely and I’ll be happy to do so.
His manners must have been eaten by the dog.
Dunno where the hell this kind of people come from.
Like he owned this game..

And he even called me a loser. Now that is getting on my nerves. Me don’t like being called a loser.
Fine…I hope he lost all. :D

A lil bit of this and that June 24, 2008

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Right now, life is all about knighthood and dramas and packing..
there’s really nothing much to do but the clock goes tick tock tick tock.. and i’m actually running out of time before i knew

packing up takes forever because there’s so much to clean
the coats and jackets that have been hanging in the closet since…
shoes and suede boots that have been lying around for so long to allow them to accommodate an inch thick of dust..eww..
suede boots are so hard to clean!
basically, there’s more cleaning to do than packing.
imagine, you need to clean every corner and every inch of the room.
tough job!
because i wipe off dust from all the surfaces before i touch anything
even though i’m not much of a tidy person
i’m quite particular about the “cleanliness”
a little bit of koniophobic i am.
untidy but clean?
it just doesn’t sound right, right?

yes, summer is also a season for throwing things away.
trying hard to find stuffs to be donated
and also those you’d just want to chuck into the bins without second thought
but sometimes some things have been stuck with me for a while
and i’m beginning to feel so “sayang” if i’m to throw/give it away
even if they’re useless
which makes throwing away seems a little hard
instead of throwing i’m collecting pula.

and i’ve finally realised
that i’ve spent a lot of money on things i don’t use, clothes i don’t wear.
actually i’ve realised this for a dozen times already
it’s just that i never learn. NEVER. sigh.
quote from dad: it is gold when it is in the shop. it is rubbish when it comes home with you.
you’re so right dad.
you’re still the one who knows me best. :D

The typical Barcelona experience June 14, 2008

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Talking about the typical Barcelona experience, visiting La Sagrada Familia, indulging in tapas and sangria, lazying at the beach and getting yourself baked into a lobster are not all.

I would say, the most exciting bit would be having your wallet or purse nicked. Or, at least, having someone tried to nick from you or any of your friends. In other words, if you haven’t been nicked, you haven’t been to Barcelona. =.=

The trip could have been much better if no one’s wallet has been stolen and we don’t have to clutch our handbags so tightly and look out for pickpockets all the time. We’ve been so careful because we’ve heard a lot but it is still unavoidable. We even had a group following us at one time.

Salute to the thieves. They are the real professionals.

A chapter now closes.. June 9, 2008

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And finally..

My uni days, I kiss you goodbye. Farewell~! Hopefully forever. Because as much as I don’t want to be working, I also don’t want to be a student no more.

Anyway, the good news is, I passed my exams! A truly joyous moment, considering all the mishaps that called at my door for this two years and even during the exam period. Maybe it has decided to let me go unscathed.

I had to login to the webct to check my result several times to make sure, afraid that it would change anytime. A friend did the same. I find it really funny because we’ve probably been in bad luck so bad that we weren’t really sure if this is for real because we know too well. Phew…

Thank god. All of them.

Charm the way to our hearts June 5, 2008

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K dramas are what we girls need for dessert

Watching those sloppy episodes and drowning in the happily ever after kind of romance

It’s not quite possible reality-wise but who cares

We still gladly believe that it does happen.

For the part that makes you giggle at their silliness

For the part where you go “awww….”

For the part you shed your tears along

For the part where it was so sweet you’re almost overwhelmed

It’s a world of perfection, with perfect flaws

And we just fell in love over and over again. With the male leading role of course!

The success of k dramas! Because the writers are such hopeless romantics.

Ground zero June 1, 2008

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So much for going round and round trying to get what I want, but in the end I was back to ground zero. What was the point?! Sigh.. It was a bit of a ridicule, not to mention the time and money wasted. On top of everything, I was knackered; physically, emotionally and mentally. If only I knew. Yeah, if only I knew!

I had to accept my fate, quite unwillingly, but I was left with no other options. Between two unfortunate events, I have to pick the one that is less unfortunate…

But towards the end of the day, it didn’t actually seem as bad as I thought. I think I’m starting to digest the fact. Slowly. On second thought, maybe it was because I was let down again and again, that made me hated the company so much, thus hating almost anywhere I was made to go, except the one I WANT TO but CANNOT go. There go my dreams of luxury apartments, good companions and lower income tax or so I heard!

My destiny lies here now. I can already see my money saying bye bye.